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Winter Weather Tips!
January 5, 2017

As cold weather makes its way into the Midlands this week, be sure to follow the tips below to keep your home and business safe.  If a pipe bursts or you experience water damage, please give our office at call at 732-2000.  Our crew is on call 24-7 and we would be happy to assist you!

*Make sure all your foundation vents are closed (so cold air is not getting in.)
*Make sure your crawl space door is closed and sealed properly. The main thing is to keep the wind out from under your house.
*Insulate exposed pipes (both hot and cold) under house with foam pipe insulation.
*Open cabinet doors under sinks.
*In order to keep your water pipes from freezing, allow a steady drip of water from an interior sink to drip while the outside temperature is sub-freezing approaching zero degrees.
*Unhook garden hoses from spigots and cover exterior faucets with insulating material to prevent freezing.
*Know where the main water shut-off is located in your home in the event of a broken pipe so the water can be shut off to minimize damage.
*Maintain a reasonable level of heat in your home to help prevent pipes from freezing.
*If your outside lawn & landscape irrigation system has not been winterized, know where the shut off valve is for that system in case a broken irrigation pipe occurs.
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1779 Dutch Fork Rd.
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