Preparing your home for Natural Disasters

This month on the blog we’ll be looking at ways you can prepare your home or business to minimize damage from natural disasters, such as tornadoes, hurricanes and floods.

First on the list is creating an emergency response plan with your family.  Contractor Connection  has these great tips to share:

• Meet with household members to discuss the types of emergencies that may
affect your area. Explain how to respond, and find safe spots in the home for
each type of disaster.

• Discuss what to do about power outages and personal injuries.

• Draw a floor plan of your home. Mark two escape routes from each room.

• Show family members how to turn off the water, gas, and electricity at main
switches when necessary.

• Post emergency phone numbers near phones. Teach children how and when to call 911, police and fire.

• Instruct household members to turn on the radio for emergency information.

• Pick one out-of-state and one local friend or relative for family members to
call if separated during a disaster (it is often easier to call out-of-state than
within the disaster area). Teach these phone numbers to each family member,
including children and older adults.

• Pick two emergency meeting places
– a place near the home in case of fire
– a place outside the neighborhood in case family members can’t return home

• Take a basic first aid and CPR class.

• Keep family records in a waterproof and fireproof container.

• Create a disaster supplies kit. Include a flotation vest for each member of the
family if the area is prone to floods.

• Keep fuel in your car at all times and stock it with a car emergency supplies