Part 3: Is Mold Remediation Covered by my Insurance Company?

One of the questions we get asked most frequently is, “is mold remediation covered by my insurance company?”  Unfortunately, there isn’t a quick answer to that question.  Here’s what United Policyholders, a nonprofit consumer advocacy group has to say:

“Homeowner, commercial property owner and renter property policies differ in kind and in scope from insurer to insurer. Whether mold contamination is covered under your policy will depend on the specific policy language and the cause or causes of the mold contamination. Read your policy carefully. Some property policies are “specified peril” policies, which may cover mold contamination if you can prove that it is caused by one the listed “perils” or causes. Some property policies are “all risk” policies, which may cover mold contamination, unless the insurer can prove that the cause(s) or the mold contamination itself is excluded in the policy. Most property policies have a long laundry list of exclusions for damage caused by mold, dry or wet rot, corrosion, pollution, wear and tear, deterioration, faulty workmanship and materials, construction defect, and the like. To make matters more complicated, some policies have limited “exceptions” to the exclusions–kind of like a double negative–that may provide some very limited coverage for mold contamination. In several states, like California and Texas–in response to insurers threatening to boycott coverage for water damage, as well as mold contamination coverage–insurance regulators are developing rules to permit insurers to provide minimum mold contamination coverage, e.g., $5,000 property limits, unless the policyholder buys more expensive coverage separately. Check your policy after it has been renewed to see if mold coverage limitations have been inserted.”

If you have any questions after checking your policy, be sure to contact your agent before the mold remediation process begins.  We want to you to be protected and are happy to help in any way we can!  If you need to schedule an inspection or remediation work, please contact our office at 732-2000.